Global Sourcing

Shortage management
We are an independent distributor of electronic
components providing tailored services around
our customers needs. Our philosophy is that the customer comes first and never compromise on quality.
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Complete partnership
VS Components focuses on application–specific products
for automotive, military, telecommunications and medical
markets while serving customers in virtually every
industry worldwide.
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Global Sourcing Benefits

We give you direct access to global pricing advantages from Asia or North America. The differences can be substantial depending on the product type or manufacturer we know where to go and how best to manage your enquiries.


  • Constant tracking of components and we only purchase from reliable suppliers
  • Delivery over night or just in time
  • The purchasing department has relationships established with most of our suppliers whether domestically or internationally, this enables the best possible prices for each component
  • Due to our central location in Europe we are able to deliver any parcel within hours, even to the remotest cities in Europe
  • Own stock with a constant market value of millions of Euros
  • We offer competitive terms as well as volume purchase agreements for our customers