Product and Supply Chain Solutions and Manufacturing Services

Product and Supply Chain Solutions and Manufacturing Services

VS Components offers not only electronic manufacturing services, but first of all a unique, comprehensive solution for your business, ensuring the highest, global quality at an attractive price. VS Components offers its clients comprehensive services in the field of contract manufacturing and service in Europe. The central location of plant ensures very fast delivery, facilitated logistics and low transport costs and travel. Moreover, the placement of the plant in the central Europe region in the basin of specialists in the field of electronics, reinforced by universities and polytechnics (which are situated close to the plant) ensures the highest quality finished product at a relatively low cost. Comprehensive training and technical facilities allow production without downtime and full engineering support for even the most unusual orders.

Global Sourcing. Quickly Response.

We are a cross-functional team, with expertise in developing unique supply chain solutions in Electronic Components.

Supply Chain

Whether you’re looking for direct cost savings on your material purchases or a simplification of your procurement processes.

Support Services

Typically 80% of an organisation’s supplier base accounts for only 20% of its spend and by allowing VS Components to manage this “tail” of vendors the supply chain can be streamlined significantly.


Some companies have limited their purchases to contract distribution and at the end lost  a lot of opportunities, increase procurement risk significantly because not all components are available through conventional channels at all times. So connect with us  at the right time and complete your supplier portfolio! We can optimises your procurement channels with respect to price and delivery time – the long-term availability of necessary components is ensured – based on a project or annual requirement or even as last-time buy

We give you direct access to global pricing advantages Europe, from Asia or North America. The differences can be substantial depending on the product type or manufacturer we know where to go and how best to manage your enquiries.

An increase in production or failure of supply by another supplier can cause shortage problems and even the threat of an expensive line stop. With our quick turnaround times, unparalleled sourcing and global logistics experience, we can address shortage issues and provide you with the solutions you need, thus ensuring minimal disruption to your production.


Value engineering is a major part of the VS Components suppport. Whether you want to take the cost out of an existing product or are working on a new design, our teams of value engineers are on hand to provide effective additional resources to your engineering and procurement teams.

Our comprehensive design support services include:

  • Existing BOM VA/VE review
  • ‘Best fit’ product alignment
  • NPI specialists that can reduce your time to market
  • Multiple line approvals maximise supply chain stability
  • Ability to understand technology roadmaps for each manufacturer and factoring this into product selection
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